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Outdated stereotypes in the golf world are dwindling rapidly. Picture the fat businessman with an equally fat cigar dangling from Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 2.23.45 PMhis lips, cursing wildly after every swing and downing expensive bourbon from a sturdy silver flask. Sure, this caricature still endures in the cultural pantheon, but no longer is this big galoot thought of as your typical golfer. “The typical golfer” no longer exists. New trends are penetrating the old traditions once practiced on every course and driving range; and we’re all much better off because of it. Let’s take a look at a few examples…


If the ancient Eastern practice of yoga wasn’t widespread enough already, its popularity has now skyrocketed as the newest go-to golf conditioning exercise. The health benefits of yoga are undisputed, but what does it do for golfers? As it turns out, a number of things – all advantageous to a golf game.

Yoga for golfers


Mental discipline is frequently cited at the top of this list. Remaining calm and focused is paramount in almost any sport, but it’s especially vital on a golf course. The rhythmic breathing and mind-body connection honed by yogic practices keep you at the top of your mental game. The flexibility developed through yoga increases range of motion and reduces risk of injury. By practicing just a few key poses, expect to gain greater balance and improve core strength.


From Scottsdale to San Diego, golf courses are getting down with a fresh blast of healthy offerings, cutting ribbons on new juice and smoothie bars instead of, y’know, regular bars. Eating (or drinking, if we’re being literal) green while on the green is all the rage, and for good reason.

A diet chockfull of raw fruits, vegetables, protein and fiber are essential along the pathway to increased energy and optimal mental focus. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants juice and raw smoothies provide keep you sharp, focused and out of the sick bay. Not only do these ‘green juices’ cause a surge in stamina, throwing a gaggle of healthy ingredients in a suitable blender for smoothies and hitting a button is practically the easiest preparation method on the planet. And just like that, the cup-holder in a golf cart became more useful…

Kid-Friendly Courses

Bringing the whole family along for your afternoon of leisurely hitting the links wasn’t always so easy. Not too long ago, children were strictly forbidden from pretty much every golf course on the planet. By now, most clubs and resorts have gone all-inclusive.

Offering reduced green fees, child-sized equipment, kid-savvy instructors and shorter tees means your junior golfer will be able to play alongside you. Conversely, if your kiddos don’t share your love of golf, onsite babysitting services and alternate activities, like swimming pools, or other athletic pursuits, are extremely popular alternatives. My local stomping grounds, Thousand Hills Golf Resort, is among the ranks of kid-friendly courses. Basically, any place that doesn’t offer entire-family services right now is missing the boat, big time.

The times, yes, they are a’changing…

David Bryce is a former high school golf coach who is currently working on his ‘crescent pose’. When he’s not blogging or golfing, you can find him inventing wacky marinades to test in his Dutch oven. 

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