Golf Belles Product Review – Pure Golf Aqua Caddy

Jul 9, 2012 by

Golf Belles had the opportunity of meeting with the Pure Golf Group in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia last week (sister city to Halifax and across the bay). We were given a wonderful Maritime reception and had a chance to see some of the products they distribute in Canada and that they produce and distribute themselves.

One item that caught our eye was the Aqua Caddy. The Aqua Caddy is a compact portable, soft sided club head cleaner well packaged and put together with a golf tournament or corporate give away/gift focus. The top side which hangs facing out on your bag can be custom logo’d.

I am a bit of a traditionalist and not a huge fan of gimmicks and gadgets BUT I tried the Aqua Caddy out for a round and found out it worked, and was much better than a wet towel. It also makes a great branded marketing tool for a give away.

Their byline is – Make every shot a clean one!

Have a fabulous round everyone!


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