What is in store for Golf Fashion in 2013

Jul 26, 2012 by

Golf Belles are a looking into the future and are wondering what is in store for the 2013 golf fashion market. We think 2012 could be summarized in one word “marketing hype”, actually that is 2 words but we were never really good at math ūüėČ

Some of the smaller boutique designers got it and actually introduced some new fabrics, designs and patterns but the old guard just splashed some new and old colours on their slightly modified designs or put a new button on the collar and branded it edgy or new or (insert adjectives here).

From what we see on television and in print some of the classic LPGA women continue to impress with their style and fashion sense on the links, BUT we still see junior boy wanna be outfits with little or no colour/cut and the horrific size 8 stuffed into a size 2 short/skort/shirt. WHY does this continue to happen, I DO NOT want to see your belly???? Why does the LPGA not hire a stylist? Then please take a look in the mirror (front and back and bent down) prior to heading out to the course. Teenagers might be able to pull this look off to the displeasure of their parents but not golf professionals. Is it any wonder why more sponsors and viewers cannot be secured, these ladies are wonderful people and ambassadors and athletes they just need to show it.

Back to what is in store for fashion in 2013 the future of women’s golf style. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Karen¬†Lovcik, CEO and chief fashionista for Glove It. This year Karen states, ‘It is all about vibrant colours complimented by beautiful fabrics.’ Some of the designs Glove It intends to profile in 2013 will scream retro, think ‘Mad Men‘. We saw a sneak peak of some of the 2013 line for Glove It and are excited to see more.

Karen like many of the golf fashion designers will be at the upcoming PGA Expo in Las Vegas August 20 Р22nd at the Venetian Hotel Conference Center. 

We hope to be in attendance and will like last year have interviews and pictures, so stay tuned.

Plus let us know who you think is worthy of the title of edgy designs and who is your favourite designer. Post it on our Golf Belles Facebook Page.

Style ya later!


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