Are There Too Many Thoughts Pr...

Jul 21, 2014 by

Having spent the majority of this year going through a massive swing change I can relate to this diagram as well as any golfer out
swing thoughtsthere. Paralysis by analysis is a term ever so common in the golf world. But how do we work through this? There are many methods of teaching and ways to clear your mind but we all face the challenge of committing to it when we go to strike the golf ball. Here are a couple things to consider for the next time you play.

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Golf Gets With It

Apr 29, 2014 by

Outdated stereotypes in the golf world are dwindling rapidly. Picture the fat businessman with an equally fat cigar dangling from his lips, cursing wildly after every swing and downing expensive bourbon from a sturdy silver flask. Sure, this caricature still endures in the cultural pantheon, but no longer is this big galoot thought of as your typical golfer. “The typical golfer” no longer exists. New trends are penetrating the old traditions once practiced on every course and driving range; and we’re all much better off because of it. Let’s take a look at a few examples…

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Golf Pre-Round Warm Up Routine...

Apr 13, 2014 by

Whether you are playing in The Masters Tournament or are playing in your local Club Championship everyone should have a pre-round routine. It’s strategic and it will help with your game.

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Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozn...

Dec 11, 2013 by

The rumors have been flying this week concerning a possible break-up of one of sport’s most prominent power couples, professional...

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Why Every Golf Hole-In-One Is ...

Oct 21, 2013 by

Hitting a 1.6 ounce white ball with a metal club into a small cup hundreds of yards away is not easy. It’s lucky. People around the world experience hole-in-ones on occasion, but the small percentage chance of the occurrence is far under analyzed in my opinion.

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How to Swing like Your Favorit...

Aug 18, 2013 by

Want to Swing a golf club like a pro? Here are a few key pointers to follow and help you get more aligned for your next round on the course.

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