How to Swing like Your Favorite Pro Golfers

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Professional golfers like Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie make hitting perfect drives look easy, but as many amateur golfers can attest, golf is a difficult sport to master. To get the ball where you want it to go, getting your body perfectly aligned and every movement in your swing perfect is really important. Whether you want to make longer drives or are looking to improve accuracy, here are some tips and drills to help you start swinging like a pro.

Time your Putts

Controlling the speed of the putt is the  most crucial element to getting that ball where you want it in one shot. To train your brain to be able to sense the right speed, take some “real-time” practice strokes. To do this, take a practice stroke and then hold your finish for the amount of time you think it would take for the ball to reach the hole. In general, a five-foot shot will take about three seconds. After taking one or two practice shots, take the shot with the ball.

Loosen Your Grip

Many beginning golfers grip the club with too much pressure. This added pressure slowly tightens the muscles and joints up from the hands to the arms and shoulders which negatively impacts your swing. To practice getting the right amount of picture, try taking a swing with a tube of toothpaste that has the lid off. If the amount of pressure you are using is right, no toothpaste should come out of the tube. This video goes into further details of how to have a professional grip.


Create a Lot of Coil

Creating enough coil in the shoulders is crucial to being able to hit a long drive. Many professionals will turn their shoulders so much that their back will actually be facing the target. When creating coil combine a big shoulder turn with steady hips to create a lot of power in the backswing and set yourself up for a powerful shot.

Stop Slicing

Most amateur golfers slice their driver, but to play like a pro they have to learn how to have more control of their swing. Professional golfers swing their club on a flatter plane and are able to square the clubface on impact. Amateurs generally end up slicing their swing for two reasons: Either they are taking a steep downswing that results in an outside-in swing or the club has an open face at impact.

If you find your club tends to have an open face because you are straightening your left arm on the backswing to create more power, try allowing your left arm to fold as you swing through to your follow-through. To practice this, make some half-speed swings using only your left hand. Finish each swing with your left thumb pointing up and the left hand above the elbow. After a few practice shots, take a shot with both arms replicating the action in the left arm from the drill.

This video describes another helpful drill to stop slicing.


Square Your Shoulders

Keeping your shoulders square is crucial to your swing’s accuracy as it keeps the shoulders parallel to the target line. There are several drills you can do to help you find that perfect square position. Try standing with your arms extended in front of you with the palms together. Take your right hand back like you would in a golf swing and then bring it down and slap your left hand. If your shoulders are square, the hands should meet in front of you. If your shoulders are open, the right hand will meet too far forward.

Before addressing a shot, make sure that your shoulders are parallel to the target line. When you are ready for a swing, stop and place the club on the ground next to your toes. Step back and look to see if the club is parallel to the target line. If it’s not, adjust your position, so it is aligned.



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