Golf Industry Website Design Tips: Spruce Up: Your ‘About Us’ Page

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Golf Industry Website Design Tips: Spruce Up: Your 'About Us' PageTips on how to update your About Us page to make it more Engaging

Last time we talked about the importance of your About Us page. Let’s do a quick review;

  • It usually ranks in the top 5 most visited pages on your site and that they are more interested in learning about the people behind your business,
  • This in turn establishes the connection to trust between viewer and your business,
  • This Trust encourages positive engagement, buying decisions, and further interaction with your business.
 Golf Industry Website Design Tips: What Your ‘About Us’ Really Says About You

So for those who need to give their About Us page an overhaul let’s now look at some quick and easy ways you can spruce it up.

Rename “About Us” to something more related to being ‘About Them’

  • This one little tip about changing the Navigation Title can have a huge impact on your audience’s reaction and likelihood to visit the page and others.
  • Choose a title that is about them, or how you can benefit them. It should be a title that in essence answer what every single one of your audience is asking themselves when they land on your site; in a few words “What’s in it for me”?

Your opening paragraph or introduction should be a follow on from the Title.

  • This is the paragraph that will hold their attention or cause them to hit the close button so make it worth their time and deserving of their attention.
  • Only include company history, statistics, achievements, and other typical information if it relates to the bigger question “What’s in it for me?”.
  • This section should gain their trust and provide them with the assurance that you are their right choice for this particular decision.
  • Include brief reasons why you are the right person/people for the job – not so much the right business/company for the job.

Close the trust connection with proof of your claims.

  • This section gives credence to the statements in the above section. Offer your audience proof that shows you are the right people for the job.
    • A few good authentic testimonials
    • A video introduction from you and your team
    • Your credentials and License if it is significant
    • Links to other reputable sites that mention you with confidence and applaud
    • Statistics, Research, Case Studies of noteworthiness

Share YOUR story with purpose and passion

  • As noted above and in the previous article your audience wants to get to know YOU, the person/people. this is how you gain their trust.
  • Use this section to share information and stories about yourself, and your team. Use discretion with what you share but try and be comfortably open with your audience without putting yourself at risk of identity theft and the like.
  • Share your experiences in life and business including stories from your past with other businesses.
  • Share information about your family. Only so much that it establishes you and your team as being family orientated without jeopardising theirs or your identities.
  • Talk about what inspired you to start this business, and how you got it to where it is now. The people that helped along the way, your mentors, and any stories you have to tell that will arouse their curiosity or engage the reader.

Last but not least give them a reason to keep exploring your site.

  • The most important element of your conclusion is a Call to Action.
  • Close with something as simple as a single line offering them a ‘next step from here’.
    • Eg. Purchase ‘that something special that we offer like no one else does here’
    • Eg. Enrol in that ‘special course that we offer that will take you further in life Now’.
    • Eg. Join us on our Social Platforms for further engagement and activities.
    • Eg. Sign up to our Newsletter for our exclusive updates
    • Eg. Visit our other pages where we show you are products or services.
  • A great Call To Action includes the ‘Action’ you want performed by your audience, the ‘What’ it is they are performing for that will benefit them, and a ‘Motivational Key’. A motivational key is any term that inspires immediate, almost automated, action like ‘Here’, ‘Now’, ‘Today’.

These simple little steps can help capture a much wider spectrum of your site visitors. Those that come and go quickly will feel more compelled to stay and look for me intriguing stuff if you provide them with that to begin with.

Need a little help? Feel free to email us your questions or engage our help to give you some suggestions of a more personal nature by requesting our analysis and overview of your About Us page.

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