Golf Cart Fashion Do’s and Don’ts on a Typical Course

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Golf cart fashion is a lot like regular car fashion, it’s a light expression of who you are. Customizations to your golf cart can be useful to your game, help improve your ride, add a little humor/spirit to your arrival, or make you look downright ridiculous. While our golf carts aren’t shown off as much as our cars it is a good idea to show a little pride when we ride around the course. Like our attire, our golf cart’s appearance should be kept within reason. Here are some certain do’s and don’ts when it comes suiting up our carriages on the course.

Golf Cart Fashion Do’s and Don’ts on a Typical Course


  • Get some accessories for the cart such as golf bag holders and ball cleaners. If you get your own personal cleaner, get it in a stylish color that matches your cart.


  • Show style or team spirit. I would hesitate to completely deck it out with a team matching paint job unless you are directly affiliated with the team but that is a very grey line. If everyone knows you as a passionate fan or someone dedicated to your work it can be easier to get away with a hardcore paint job of the cart, if the course allows it. I would personally limit it to the team logo and colored seats but hey, there’s a character or two on every course. Give the cart a little stylish paint job if you like brightening up the scene as you pull up, just don’t go completely monster truck or powder puff on it. Respect that the fashion Gods and golf Gods are not related and limit the paint job to three or less colors. Have fun with it just don’t be so flashy it gets old after a week.


  • Grab some performance accessories for the cart. Certain courses have rougher terrain and more hazardous pathways than others. Have some Velcro weather enclosures handy if you live in an area like the northwest where it can pretty much rain at any time. Invest in some good golf cart tires so you can conserve gas/battery power and have a smooth ride while you do.


  • Sport a flag. Whether you’re patriotic , a big fan, or just have bad luck with getting hit by balls as you come out of the woods a flag is a good mark of your presence as long as it’s not the size of football field or particularly offensive.



  • Put hydraulics on your golf cart. Not only is it completely unnecessary, but if you go even a little bit too fast at the wrong angle or take a wrong turn while the cart is lowered you’ll end up harming the course, the cart, or even yourself. Hydraulics on the golf cart can be fun if they are in a show or parade but are going just a bit too far on the regular course.


  • Get a paint-job reminiscent to the toy hot wheels cars some of us had as kids. A flame paint job looks slightly worse on a golf cart than it does on a car. Some people can pull off the checkered cart, some people can pull off a pink cart, but don’t make the cart another character entirely, remember it represents you.


  • Get carried away with hazard accessories. Covers for the cart in case of rain are good, holders form the bags are great, umbrellas on both sides of the cart are tacky and just plain unnecessary. If you’re on a course where they are needed, put protective padding on the bumpers and tires but don’t suit up the cart for 18 holes like you’re going to a demolition derby.


  • Bring an entertainment center with you. I can’t imagine you’d ever be waiting long enough at a hole that you would have time to sit down a play a video game, or watch your favorite TV show. Leave the DVD players and TVs at home. If you need access to results on ESPN or need to check your email, get a smartphone.
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