Considerations for Planning the Perfect Golf Vacation

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If you are a golf fan and are considering a golf vacation, then there is some homework that you will have to do prior to booking.  There are some things that you will want to ensure prior to leaving for vacation, sure to make it a great time.  There is a long list of relevant questions to ask, but depending on your season and timing, you will want to find the best deal at the best location.  But that’s not all, you want the best package overall.

What Do You Want to Get From Your Golf Getaway? (In Other Words – Ask the Right Questions!)

There are a lot of considerations when planning your golf getaway.  First and foremost you will have to decide on a timeframe for your trip.  Will you be golfing in the summer or winter?  This will determine the packages available for your stay.  Look for best pricing per season, along with everything included in the price.  If there is no package available consider the overall pricing for playing the course.  If you are looking for the true golf experience, check out the professional courses preferred by the USGA.  Expect a higher price tag, but with that price comes an unforgettable experience.


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If you are pairing your golf trip with site seeing, you may want to pick your sites and then search the best golf courses in the area.  This is ideal for a family trip where there will be free-time to be filled.  You will also want to consider the weather around the time you expect to take your trip, because after spending all that money on the trip you don’t want your time on the course to be restricted.  Schedule your tee times well ahead of time to ensure your spot and then schedule the rest of your trip around that.

Course Accessibility – Walk the Walk or Drive the Range?

You will also want to think about course accessibility.  How walkable is the course?  Will you need a caddie?  How long will it take to complete it?  Everyone has a different preference, but in order to get a good idea of customer experience read the golf course reviews.  Here you will find both positives and improvement opportunities.  You will also read about any recent update and renovations, and accommodations.  The renovations will make your stay much more pleasurable.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Details, Details, Details

In order to have the most thorough research look online for the best golf courses by state.  You may have a highly rated course closer than you think, increasing your opportunities to golf more regularly.  Compare local golf course rates to have an idea of what you can expect to pay.  If you are traveling for your trip consider your accommodations.  Is there a resort where you can stay and golf, or will you have to reserve a room elsewhere?  Coordinating all of the details takes some time and research if you want a well-planned trip.  Going to the trouble will be well worth it, and you will find the trip to be much more relaxing if you don’t have to chance it once you get there.


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