Confused About Pages vs Profiles For Businesses & Companies

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Confused about Pages vs ProfilesFacebook has them, Google has them, and NOW LinkedIn has them. What am I talking about? Profiles & Pages!

With so many variances across the 430+ social networks it has become a haven for many to become frustrated and perplexed about not only what to do, but how to set it up properly. Some thought that the concept of adding a 3rd dimension to the platforms was ridiculous, however when looking much closer at the purposes of such an addition, adding the capacity for Business pages to operate separately and individually distinguished from a personal profile, it can be seen that the benefits FAR outweigh the perceived frustrations.

Here’s the dirt to help you make a wise decision and manage your social media preferences with a more accurate information. This post focuses mainly on Facebook yet the same information can be applied, noting the small variances between the platforms, in the same way. So let’s look at the differences between Pages vs Profiles and grasp a better understanding on the reasons why one is far superior for business success than the other.

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