Alabama Tornado Relief Benefit Golf Scramble For Disaster Relief

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Alabama Tornado Relief Benefit Golf Scramble for disaster relief

CHANDLER, Ariz. — America prides itself on its community spirit and family focus and this has never been more evident than during these current economic times. As people face various hardships communities are pooling resources to help their towns survive. Adding further adversity came the 2011 tornado season, leaving a wake of devastation in its path unlike any season since 1953. Many lives have been lost, homes destroyed and businesses ruined. Those people, families and businesses affected by this recent onslaught of tragic events look to their country for consolation and much needed assistance to help rebuild their lives, their community; their nation.

For Golf Belles’ Alabama resident Angela Johnson one of the five terrifying 2011 EF-5 NWS rated twisters struck Hackleburg 124 miles (2 hours) from her home town of Gadsden. Closer still was an EF-4 tornado that hit Birmingham only 62 miles (1 hour) away. “It is pretty scary knowing that at any moment the storm could change direction and your town could be next”, says Johnson, “especially when they’re travelling with winds speeds at around 200 miles an hour”. With one of their own so close to danger the effects of these wicked and wild storms impacted on the entire Golf Belles company and a call to action from the nation’s golfing industry was initiated.

“I believe that small towns form the foundation of grassroots America and it is within these communities that the fabric that binds the nation is strongest”, states Golf Belles Chief Executive Belle Susanita de Diego, “it is with this motivation that Golf Belles, Glove It and associated Sponsor Partners are dedicating their time, effort and financial resources to the charitable golf tournament raising funds to contribute to the Alabama residents whose lives have been torn apart by the violent storms.”

Small town and rural America consists of 118,000,000 people in the United States, Golf Belles believe that ‘The Alabama Tornado Relief Benefit Golf Scramble’ will be a launching pad for small town America philanthropic events and initiatives.

Contact the Golf Belles to become involved in this worthy cause or for those connected to any other regional tournaments that would like Golf Belles participation.

The ‘Alabama Tornado Relief Benefit Golf Scramble’ Tournament is proudly hosted by Pierson Chevrolet, Rivertrace Golf Club and Golf Belles on June 18, 2011. Further details can be found at

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