A is for Apple….or is it for Aspirin?

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Most of us probably have almost everything from A-Z in our golf bags so just make a little room for an Aspirin!

Warm weather and aspirinlonger days are here. Many of us have waited all winter to be able to start playing late rounds into the summer night, but this also brings to mind the topic of Aspirin.

Often we spend too long outside in the heat of the day, and who wants to stop in the middle of 18 holes to take a shade break? Playing golf all day until sunset is fantastic right? But what happens when you start to feel chilly or nauseated, and spike a fever…because you didn’t drink enough water on the course and are experiencing heat stroke. The first thing you want to do is bring your fever down, but you can’t keep water down from the nausea to swallow a pill.

Confused? Read on!

How often do you walk a course for the exercise? Or choose to take a cart because it’s so enjoyable? With so many golf courses becoming family friendly maybe you want to take a cart just to take your whole family on the course with you. All of us that play golf inevitably walk or ride, but what happens when you got that slow golf cart that the battery is dying, the cart only goes so fast and you need something for pain or fever relief immediately? You feel nauseated from the pain or fever and can’t get fluids down to swallow a pill. Even if you could, it takes about 30 min for most oral medications to work. We live in a day and age where we want things to work for us fast!

So how does Aspirin play a role in this? Why aspirin? Why not Motrin or Tylenol? Aspirin dates back to the 1800’s, we trust it, it works and it is now available as Oral Picture2Thin Film Strips (OTF’s ). We are all familiar with the famous Listerine strips for fresh breath, same concept. When you are nauseated from a fever and can’t swallow a pill like Motrin or Tylenol to control it you can now just take a strip of Aspirin. It starts to work quickly, it is cherry flavored, and it can be taken when you can’t swallow a pill.

Another major important reason to stash an Aspirin or two in your golf bag, in your car, in your purse is for that moment when your golf buddy or yourself even experiences that “indescribable chest pain” or suddenly experience a headache and have slurred speech. Unfortunately, these two cascades of symptoms are more commonly happening in areas of sporting events and the golf course is no different.

Heart attacks and strokes play no favorites, they don’t wait for you to putt out and make that birdie. In 17 years of being an Emergency Room nurse, I have received more and more frequent radio calls with this scenario. You have already rounded the turn, you are in the middle of the golf course. You are either walking or in a cart too slow to get you the immediate help you need. Even if you call 911 or the Pro Shop from your cell phone, you are now racing the clock. 911_emergencyThis first hour when you need emergent medical care is called the “Golden Hour” and in the event of a Heart Attack or Stroke, “Time is Muscle or Brain Tissue”. If you have a Solves aspirin strip in your golf bag, you will already have done the most important thing to help yourself or your friend. As long as there is no contraindication to taking Aspirin, this would be done the moment EMS arrives or you arrive in the ER.

The greater benefit is you were able to take it as a dissolving strip, that works even faster than the chewable Aspirin we have become accustomed to taking in these moments. Another benefit is that one of the first questions you will be asked in the ER in the event you are having a Heart Attack or a Stroke is when did you last eat or drink….if you had to drink a glass or two of water to help get down the chewable or oral pill of Aspirin you may be delaying some testing.

Two of the most important questions asked to aim for a better outcome in the event of a Heart Attack or Stroke is when was the first Aspirin given and how fast did you get help? You can be in control of both by simply having a Solves Aspirin strip with you at all times. pillPackaging is childproof so you don’t need to worry about your child opening the strip. They are cherry flavored and they don’t have a horrible aftertaste. They dissolve in your mouth, starting to work faster than an oral aspirin pill. Aspirin strips also minimize Gastrointestinal discomfort by dissolving before even entering the usual digestive path a pill would go through. The strips hold the proper dosage of a normal dose of baby aspirin of 81mg.

It works great for people that have swallowing difficulties or simply can’t swallow pills and it works great to control fever or when you are too nauseated to swallow pills. Check it out at www.solvesstrips.com

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